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Winter Indoor Golf Lessons

Winter is the perfect time to take your game indoors and get to work on your swing.

Here are a few reasons why you should sign up for golf lessons during the off-season:

1. The climate-controlled facility eliminates any scheduling concerns due to weather. You can stay focused on form instead of staying warm! And it's been shown that more slow-motion swing practice will yield better results than hammering out shots on the range.

2. There's no upcoming tournaments to worry about during the winter. Retraining the mind and muscles takes more time than is usually available during the regular season - the typical amateur golfer could need anywhere from 10 to 10,000 hours of practice to reinforce changes. Even a winter of practice might not be enough time!

3. Practicing indoors with just the student and the instructor means no distractions from other golfers. Instead of worrying about what other golfers think of your form you can focus solely on making changes. Not to mention your instructor won't be distracted, either.

4. Indoor lessons during the winter means more time utilizing technology. We use Full Swing Simulators, ES6 Launch Monitors and video to evaluate things like ball flight and point of contact. It provides instant feedback and you can add yards to your game just by applying changes from that information.

There is literally no downside to winter golf lessons. Don't hang up your clubs just because it is cold!  Register for some Winter Indoor Golf Lessons on our Full Swing Simulator.  

Simulator Lesson Pricing...
  • $50 per hour simulator lesson
    • $130 for a "3 Lesson Package" 
  • $50 per hour simulator club fitting
    • Price waived if irons are purchased
    • Great for fitting both irons and metal woods.

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